Sunday, February 19, 2012

'They (RSS) wanted to finish me off but I am indestructible!'

Why do you think the BJP has so much animus towards you?

I don't think it is the BJP, really. The BJP is only a front organisation. It is not a political party. It is really the RSS, and your question should be actually: Why is the RSS against me? Frankly, it's not surprising. We have been at daggers drawn ever since the members of theerstwhile Jan Singh flouted the oath they took in Rajghat in March 1977 that they would never leave the Janata Party -- and then, promptly, left the Janata Party and went on to form the Bharatiya Janata Party!

I did not follow them like cattle.This angered them. They have this culture that anyone who parts company with them must be driven out of public life. In fact, before they left they told me directly that they would do to me what they had done to Balraj Madhok, Manoharlal Sondhi, Pitambar Das and others -- they gave me a list of some seven names of people who were at the height of their power with them and were destroyed and driven out of public life. Well, they have been at it for the last 18 years and suddenly I cannot expect them to swallow all that and accept failure. And not only accept failure but also accommodate me as a Cabinet minister in their own government!

Why is your personal relationship with Vajpayee so bitter?

It has now improved. From reverse gear it has become neutral.

It is wrong to say that Vajpayee is bitterly against me. It is the RSS which is most bitterly against me. They want to finish me off. They don't realise that I am indestructible.

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