Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swamy uncovered!

This week brings a cover story in Outlook magazine, accompanied by an interview with his wife. It covers all the usual ground – extreme rhetoric, Emergency-era shenanigans, anti-Muslim agenda, etc – but offers this interesting theory about his long-standing feud with home minister P Chidaambaram

“According to a recent article by Punjab Kesri journalist GS Chawla, the rift between Swamy and his ‘student’ at Harvard originated in the HD Deve Gowda government in the mid-1990s. Chidambaram was finance minister then. Writes Chawla: “People do not know that Subramanian Swamy has been close to the controversial godman Chandraswami and Dr Prathap Reddy of Apollo hospital. All of them were members of a trust founded by Chandraswami. The enforcement directorate had found serious irregularities in the accounts of the trust in which some foreign currency was deposited. The finance ministry planned to act against all the three trustees.”

The Kesri article alleges that Chidu refused to back down even after one of the trustees approached former Attorney-General G Ramaswamy to broker a rappochement. In the end, former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar had to intervene to ensure that Deve Gowda stopped the proceedings.

The 2G scandal, hence, offered an excellent opportunity to settle this long-standing grudge http://www.firstpost.com/politics/subramanian-swamy-uncovered-doting-wife-leftist-brother-and-more-212638.html


  1. Anonymous troll!.

    The least you can do to get some credibility to this ranting is disclose your identity.

    Otherwise you are just a hired assassin for character assassination.

    Here is something from the article you are quoting:

    1970: During Parliament debate on budget, Indira Gandhi calls him “Santa Claus with unrealistic ideas” (for his claims that 10 per cent growth rates, agricultural exports and a bigger defence budget were possible)

    Aren't the Chinese doing just that for last 20 years?

    You and your posts are a disgrace.

  2. Cut your hagiographies. Almost all posts in this blog have either come from Swamy's mouth or pen.Few others are based on articles that have appeared in mainstream media. How can you term anything a disgrace? Isn't Swamy our demi god? We have no respect for his views?

    My identity is none of your business as long this is not a personal blog. I don't want to receive spam in my mail box

  3. LOL, nameless troll... u were trying hard to get visibility on other blog... so as a return, u get this comment back... happy with ur 15 sec fame... now go change ur diapers!!!

    1. My fame is Swamy's fame and so I stand nameless. What are you worried about? Diapers?

  4. Lol.. I think this joker swamy has the ambition of being PM. He got a magic bullet called 2G and that is his 5 minutes of glory.