Thursday, September 8, 2011

When 'troublesome fly' likened RSS to 'a drop of lime in a jug of milk'

Last week's political crisis has been prompted by none other than Swamy and his new ally, the AIADMK empress, J. Jayalalitha, on whose anxieties and fears he worked on with meticulous care. Swamy had sworn vengeance on the beleaguered Vajpayee almost hours after the BJP-led coalition had lurched into power last April, when he was refused a Cabinet post on the terse instructions of the Sangh Parivar's fountainhead, the RSS. For someone who made his debut in politics with the erstwhile Jan Sangh, the political arm of the RSS, it is apparent that much blood has flowed in the last two decades. After his last humiliation by the Sangh last year, a stung Swamy likened the RSS to ``a drop of lime in a jug of milk,'' while the latter dismissed him like a troublesome fly.

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