Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rummaging through the pile of lies

• When Mr. R Venkatraman, in his book wrote about how he returned the file of the appointment of Roxana Subramanian Swamy as Additional Judge of the Delhi High Court to the then Prime Minister Mr. Swamy accused Venkataraman of having given shelter at the Rashtrapati Bhawan to an Indian naval officer who confessed to have been a spy for Pakistan. Mr Swamy also said that part of the book was written because Venkataraman knew he was investigating a case against Venkataraman's daughter that she had misused the Rashtrapati Bhawan stationery to collect Rs 18 crore for a private Trust which she misrepresented as being an official Trust. A cinema-esque quality if conjuring up things.
• He incessantly attacked Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi but later he pretended to be very close to him claiming the fact that Rajiv Gandhi wanted him to be the Prime Minister of India but he generously passed on the gift to Chandra Shekhar. This all in just a span of two years.
• Not only lies, when he was serving as a law minister in Chandra Shekhar's Cabinet he tried to avoid an investigation against corrupt Supreme Court judge by taking the view that the motion of impeachment had lapsed on the dissolution of the House. This act was clearly anti-law and quite close to being called anti-India.
• N.K. Singh, the then CBI Joint Director was investigating the St. Kitts forgery case in which Chandraswami , Mr Swamy's close friend was an accused, Mr Swamy and his machinery transferred Mr. Singh which delayed all the investigations for atleast two years. So, all this anti-corruption talk does not suit him.
• It has also been proven in the court that Mr. Swamy passes contentious and mindless remarks about people around him. Mr. Ramjethmalani sued him for making defamatory during hearing of a case under the M.C. Jain Commmision Inquiry in which the former was acting as a counsel for Ms. Jayalalitha who had been alleged for links with LTTE. Mr. Jethmalani won the defamation suit and Mr. Swamy had to pay him Rs. 5 Lakhs as a compensation.

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