Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swamy News: "Chidambaram is a traitor and Swamy faces threat from Alqaeda& LTTE combined"

SNN,Swamynagar: Swamy made a sensational exclusive claim that he had received threatening letters from Alqaeda and LTTE(It is not known whether both letters were posted soon after the deaths of Osama and Prabhakaran). On this pretext, Swamy is seeking a house in central Delhi and wrote a letter to the union Home ministry headed by none other than Chiddu. Swamy said he would like to have "AB type"house and when asked for clarification, he Laughed Out Loud to clarify that AB doesn't stand for Atal Bihari, his imaginary arch rival.

Omnipresent Sarvagnya Swamy then disappeared from SNN coverage area and made his presence felt at Sant Ramdev's anti-corruption yatra in Madhya Pradesh. Speaking at a self-promotional press conference in Indore, Swamy continued his tirade against Chidambaram, termed him a "traitor" and claimed that he has proofs for Chiddu's anti-national activities and Rs.50,000 crore deposit in foreign banks. Swamy suggested an international conspiracy hatched out by Chiddu,ISI and one well known UK firm to pump fake currency into India. It seems he is waiting for the right kind of Muhoort or he is still drafting the evidences before he releases them to the public.

References: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics/nation/subramanian-swamy-claims-threat-from-congress-jihadis/articleshow/10135843.cms


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