Sunday, March 18, 2012

He (Nithyananda Swami) should sue the Sun TV for criminal invasion of privacy!

The salacious and uncensored screening by Sun TV of the sex scenes featuring Swami Nityananda and a B-grade actress may thrill the lewd viewership of that TV channel but has also laid open the Dravidian Movement’s double standards.

The ‘bare’ question here is: Even if the video tape is not forged, what law under the IPC has Swami Nityananda broken?

The actress involved has not denied that whatever transpired with the Swami has been with her consent, nor any ‘bhakta’ come forward to file a formal complaint for breach of trust. Therefore the Swami should sue the Sun TV for criminal invasion of privacy.

He need not of course take note of the protests organized by Periyar DK whose claim to morality if tested against what many of the Dravida Movement leaders are doing every day, and have done in the past, would make their protests on morality laughable.

Of course, if the tape is genuine, then Swami Nityananda, like Rishi Vishwamitra, should do prayaschit (penance) for his indiscretion and violating the moral law.

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