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They (Sonia and Rahul) are not qualified even to be Indian MPs!

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, the Leader of the Janata Party told that the parliamentary Membership of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her son, Secretary of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi could be challenged and they are not qualified even as elected members of Indian parliament, as both hold dual citizenships - Italian and Indian.
In an interview with Asian Tribune Dr. Subramanian Swamy made the above comment, while responding about the current India’s Presidential election. 

Dr. Swamy said that the Presidential election is getting little murky because it turned out that the ruling party candidate Pranab Mukerjee is subject to some disqualification. 

He said that there are some restrictions on the presidential candidates and they should not hold any profit bearing positions and which he did. He was holding an office profit as Chairman, ISI (Indian Statistical Institute). 

To avoid that they backdated the letter of resignation and they have got caught in it.
Though the Returning Officer has accepted the nomination that is not final. I can always challenge that, Dr. Swamy said. 

Dr. Swamy said, one of the ominous sign is the Returning Officer so far has not given us the copy of the order passed, but he has told us orally that he is upholding the nomination. But what is the argumentation for that, he was supposing to give copy of the written order yesterday (3rd July), but he has not given it. He has not given it either today (4th July).

Why? Obviously they are trying to improve on it. May be the Government is trying to threaten him (Returning Officer), I don’t know. 

Dr. Swamy said, “But the fact is that he has not given it and unless I see that order, I am now in a position, as the Advisor to P.A.Sangma,( the opposition backed Presidential candidate) I can’t anyway comment on this, unless when I have the solid evidence and that can only come when the order comes. 

He said, I will look at the infirmities in that order and then I can go to courts right away.
In the meantime when
Asian Tribune referred about the former President Abdul J. Kalam’s autobiography where he has mentioned about Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Swamy said, “it was a sad episode”.
Asian Tribune pointed out that It was earlier reported, because of your interference with President Abdul Kalam in 2004, Sonia Gandhi was not invited to take up the position as the Prime Minister of India. 

Dr. Swamy said that it was President Abdul Kalam who was opposing the candidacy and he did not allow her to become the Prime Minister. But subsequently, he has retracted, but the evidence on the ground doesn’t support him. 

He further said, Abdul Kalam has written an autobiographical book, in that he denied and said that, he never turned her down. But the fact is that, at that time many things happened including his letter to her, asking her not to come to stake her claim. All these really contradict what he said.

When asked whether he saw the letter that was sent to Sonia Gandhi by Abdul Kalam, he questioned “ How can I see that letter? I know what the contents are in that letter. The people who read it told me. But even if I release the letter it will be inappropriate. When a letter goes to two persons – one, thePresident and the other Sonia Gandhi, and the question is either the President gave it to me or she gave it to me, but in fact that will mean that the President gave it to me and that will put him in a very difficult spot. 

When asked whether President Abdul Kalam gave it to him, Dr. Swamy said “ No, I cannot even admit to that. I know the contents of that letter. That’s all I will say. 

Asian Tribune asked what kind of advice he gave to the then President Abdul Kalam?
He said, I told them that there is a provision under the law which says that anyone who becomes the citizen of India, there will be restrictions similar to Indian becoming the citizen of Italy. In Italy unless you are a born Italian, you can’t become a Prime Minister. Second thing is that, Italy also has a law that if you are a born Italian then you will always remain Italian. In case when you take the citizenship of another country, then it is dual citizenship. That is allowed in Italy. Dr. Swamy continued, there is no need for her to apply for dual citizenship – because she was a citizen of Italy till 1983. She continues afterwards also. She applied for Indian citizenship, Indian citizen can’t have twin citizenships according to Article 18 of the Indian Constitution. Non Resident citizenship does not mean citizens and that is called overseas residence citizens. That is not a citizenship and you can’t vote in any elections in India. 

When Asian Tribune pointed out that there were reports to say that they are to be given the right to vote. Dr Subramanian Swamy said that it is something in the future and what I am referring is of something that is existing now. 

Asian Tribune asked, so when Sonia Gandhi is holding dual citizenship, can she remain as the Member of the Indian Parliament?
It was a firm “No”and he said, “she can’t.” 

When asked why it was not challenged up to now?
He asked who is going to challenge it?

Asian Tribune said “ people think that you are the best person?”
Dr.Swamy asked, “Do you all thing that I have no other work? Do you think that everything I must do? This is not important to me except that she is not the Prime Minister. “

Asian Tribune asked, “What about Rahul Gandhi?”
Dr. Swamy said, “Rahul Gandhi was a born Italian citizen. He was born to an Italian Mother and he became the citizen of Italy. 

When asked how he got his Indian citizenship, Dr. Swamy said that “he applied for Indian citizenship and when they were in power, they gave it.” 

Asian Tribune asked, “So he is only a Indian citizen by registration and not by descent?”
He said , “No, he claims to be a citizen by birth, but he obviously did not disclose he is automatically a citizen of Italy at the same time. If he would have mentioned of his dual citizenship, he wouldn’t have got his Indian citizenship. Because he is holding dual citizenship he is disqualified to be the Prime Minister of India. 

When asked whether that is why he is not accepting the Prime Minister position?
Dr. Swamy said I don’t know why he has not accepted the Prime Minster position. He is a mentally retarded person.

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